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Team Dynamic Systems focuses on making alliances with the onsite staff of the customer this helps in developing a rapport and an understanding between our implementation team and the client staff. This results in better exchange of knowledge and better understanding of business processes of the client. This serves as an essential and productive methodology for a successful implementation.

We use a phased wise approach for the implementation. This involves setting up of small modules in the system, testing them and then integrating them; this reduces the load on the client resources and also is effective as it is a more focused approach.

The phases that we follow are listed below:

  1. Planning:
  2. This is the first phase of implementation, here you designate the team , draft business processes, list down your expectations from the system. Analyze requirements, risks involved and try to gather solutions and recommendations. Then a basic project plan with realistic time lines is prepared and drafted, the schedule of the project is decided.

  3. Analysis and Design
  4. The designing of the system based on the requirements given in phase one is done here. An analysis of data collected in phase one is done and a rough mapping is done. The system requirements in terms of users and hardware required is studied in detail here. Workflows are created and approved.

  5. Setup and Build:
  6. The design from phase two is taken and the set ups are done. The configuration and set up of business process into the system is done. This is the detailed level of mapping and involves skilled efforts from the client and the implementer both.

  7. Roll Out:
  8. This is the phase where the efforts put in the previous phases are tested. The users are given training and they start using the system that has been developed in the prior stages. A complete hand holding is done and trial runs are done, also parallel working starts and the users start using the system in first in simulated environment and then in real time.

  9. Use acceptance and Handover:
  10. This is the final stage where all the parallel runs are completed and final handover to the users is done. From here on the company starts using the application and the Dynamic Systems Team supports them for day to day working.